Our History

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Andrea Harquoil, Cynthia Westaway, Andrea Rowe and Elinora Adeland came together to establish Danse Chelsea Dance. The founding members are all passionate about dance and have devoted years of their lives to the artform. They sensed the need to offer high quality dance education to the Chelsea community and the school proved an immediate success with more than 100 students enrolled in the Fall of 2021.

Unfortunately, another lockdown in Quebec early in 2022 has forced DCD to close the studio doors and suspend programming. This has led to a restructuring which has coincided with the opportune timing of Catrina von Radecki’s arrival to the Chelsea community. Catrina has a long history in dance performance, education and arts administration and her move to our community could not have been better timed.

Children youth and adult’s physical and mental health have been challenged by the pandemic and now, more than ever, we need to find ways to provide outlets for well-being for our children, ourselves and our community. What better way to do that than through dance, creative movement and exercise?

In February 2022, Catrina took the reins and incorporated Danse Chelsea and is excited to ensure Danse Chelsea will continue to grow and thrive in our community. To better serve our families, in the Spring of 2023 we are introducing a new studio location in Wakefield, Quebec!

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